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Dear Dr. Neder,

About 2 weeks ago I was sitting with a young woman in my church while we were eating lunch. We were facing one another at the end of a long rectanglar table. Another woman (Whom is married) walked past the table, and as she walked past she looked at me and said, "This air feels good over here". She ent to the table behind ours, and spoke to another woman for about 1 minute. On her return she stopped about 7 ft. away from where I was sitting, and stood there facing in my direction, and then she bagan rubbing her fingers through her hair in a backwards direction. At this point an unrelated incident took place in that a 3rd woman came over to me, and was asking did I leave a message on her cell phone about how to use the phone. During our communication the woman who walked past our table came closer, and began rubbing her fingers across her throat, shoulders, and hair areas. She stood about 5 ft. away. At this point I didn't know aht was going on. As a matter of fact, I almost began to burst out laughing in front of the 3rd woman's face. I was thinking to myself, "Is she trying to get my attention???" The 3rd woman then walked away afre we chatted a bit. Next, the woman who was standing there moved in 4 ft. closer and was standing beside the woman I was sitting in front of. The woman I was sitting in front of pretended she didn't notice, and put her head down, and pretended she was looking through her purse for something. At least 5 minutes now elapsed. Next she began to come and stand right next to me, and at this point I thought to myself "Oh my God, What is she up to?"

Dr. Neder, in truth... There is a slight breeze near the table. So, I thought to myself, Was she flirting or was she really just airing out? The woman I was sitting in front of didn't mention it. I wondered, Was it all in my mind? The next week the woman I was sitting in front of finally mentioned it, and asked me, What do you think of________ standing there for about 5 minutes doing what she did? Did you notice that? I told her I got two opinions from other people, and I was told she may have been flirting. She burst out laughing, and said, "I don't know...maybe".

So, Dr. Neder, What is your feed back as it would be most appreciated. Thank you.


Hello William!

My "feedback"? Well, it was church after all. Maybe the holy spirit got hold of her?

William, I can't comment on strange things that people do over 5 minutes of their lives. I'll bet if we carefully examined yours there were some pretty strange things you've done too. Everyone does weird, crazy and even wonderful things at times. We are all colorful, creative, emotional creatures who are compelled to act out based on thousands upon thousands of individual experiences than happen every single day.

You'd be far better off not judging this woman by this short 5-minute period and look more deeply into her life as a whole for an answer. Just remember how many zany things you've done to get where you are today while you're looking.

Best regards...

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