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QUESTION: Me and my ex boyfriend got together in December of 2014. A friend that i had set me up with her guy friend who she calls her brother they have been really close friends for years and i got to know her guy friend and we fell in love with each other. we were then boyfriend and girlfriend. Everything was fine until the paranoid side of me came out and i would find something to accuse him of and one of day i got kicked out of my house so he let me stay with him which I stayed for months which started to make him unhappy and at the same time i would constantly accuse him and the girl that set me and him up of doing something because they had a close relationship but they said they aren't doing anything with each other they were really close before we even started dating and then the girl got tired of me always accusing her that she was doing something with him so told my ex boyfriend that they shouldn't speak to each other anymore and then a couple days later he broke up with me and said im crazy because im super paranoid and i ruined his friendship with the girl and he wouldn't want to get back with me because of my bad habits i really want him back he says we can be friends what do I do?

ANSWER: there's little to do but accept the situation, while declining the friendship--you have too many feelings at the moment to be a real friend, and you don't want to be one of those people that uses the "friends" label as a waiting room where you hope he changes his mind; best thing is to just bite the bullet, disappear, and perhaps the absence will make him miss you...

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QUESTION: He still tells me he loves me and tries to have sex with me he acts as if we're still together but yesterday he told me hes tired of my bad habits and paranoia and that we can be friends and see where it goes. what if i just give him his space and stop my bad habits will things get better? and what do I do about the girl situation the girl that I ruined his friendship with?

so he says how bad you are, but you're good enough to have sex with?...does that seem ok to you? as i said, forget for the girl, she's not goin anywhere so nothing will be changing; and who's to say they're "just" friends?...i'd stop all communication with him, meet/date others, see what happens, otherwise, you give up all self-esteem and wait on the sidelines like a puppy...

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