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So I met this guy through a mutual friend. Right off the bat we hit it off. It's been about 2 months now. Here's 33 I'm 30. We go out , he's made dinner, I've made dinner. Yes we've had sex. His last gf was 5 years and it ended in September 2014. His dad got into an accident and was hospitalized since December. He actually passed away 3 weeks ago. After that we had this convo about us and he said that he feels as though I am ready for a relationship but he's not ready for that.  That with all that happened with his dad he can't "feel" anything right now. I asked him if he's still got feelings for his ex he said no he just cares about her as a person but not feelings in that way.  I asked him if this is just about sex for him he said no I enjoy spending time with you. He's very open and honest and I admire that.He said we can be friends and reevaluate in a month if I like or keep it's going. I told him I've been okay with the way it's going and it had only been a month and half so I didn't expect a relationship . He said he wanted us to grow together and that "this is definitely the start of something"  I asked him if he ever sees himself in a relationship (in general )he said right now I can't say, but given my history I would say yes. (His last gf was 5 years, one before 7). He also said he never expected us to progress so quickly and that he didn't think we would 'click' as well as we do.

We have deep conversations sometimes, he texts everyday and asks how my days going, if I slept well or what I ate. He sends very long text msgs. We see each other 1-2 times week. I met one of his good friends, he's talked about me to his family. He met some of my good friends. I came back from a trip recently n our schedules were conflicting cuz he's going on a trip this week so I said I guess I'll c u when u come back n he's like can we do lunch or coffee this thur, please? Day of his flight.

Anyway it seems different from the typical guy that doesn't wanna commit. I just don't know if his father passing could make him feel this way . I was planning on giving it time as it's only been 2 months.  I owning badger him or anything. How do I get him to want to eventually commit? I let him make the plans now, I've become more guarded .

to me, this is ALREADY defined as a relationship, but maybe no one has proclaimed it as an "excluive" one; after 2 months, and since there's sex involved, asking for exclusivity is more than reasonable, even requiring same; the father excuse makes no sense, especially when he has no problem seeing you/having sex; however, you have to change your general question as to a "relationship", which you already have, to a statement as to your need for it to be exclusive..

How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

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