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I have a bad past with trust issues from former boyfriends and my insecurities. With the recent boyfriend I had I ruined the relationship by making false accusations and thinking there was another girl but there wasn't and he wasn't doing anything wrong in reality I was living with him while we were together because of at home problems but I just moved out the other day how do I prove to him that I canbtrust him and that he doesn't need to worry about me accusing him anymore? How do I get another chance?


It is great that you have learned from your past mistakes! Trust is very important on both sides.

Our society makes us worry and sometimes we need to, but we worry much more than needed. People who are more relaxed about life in general tend to be more likable... and then lovable. Be a good friend first. Invite him to do things with you. Don't sound needy, sound like you truly want to be with him.

Did you apologize for the false accusations you made? Did you tell him how you've learned and how you feel about what you did in the past versus how you'd like things to be in the future? Communication is important.

There is no sure way into someone else's heart, but almost everyone likes attention paid to them and what they want rather than what you want. In a relationship, there needs to be a give and take, but in the beginning of a relationship, you need to give more than take. You are starting over, so it's a new beginning if he will have a relationship with you. You can't make him.

If repeated attempts don't work, you may have to let it go. Letting him have the life he wants is a loving deed even if you don't get the love you want back. If you need to move on, know you are lovable and there are many wonderful men who could make a great relationship with you.

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