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Ok so I just moved out of my ex bf house and we have decided to be friends with benefits and see where it goes, the main reason he doesn't want to get back with me is because I am always assuming and accusing him that there is another girl when there isn't, and in order for him to give me a chance I will have to change. The other day I assumed there was a girl and there wasn't he said no its an old friend and I still kept saying things that got him more pissed and then he started to ignore me so I started texting him from different numbers just to get him to answer and he found out now says he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore and that he doesn't care anymore and everyone says he's upset with me even his mother, he even friended me on Fb today, what do I do at this point so that he can't talk to me again and we can be on good terms?

Hello Bri!

Relationships are fragile things. It's very easy to ruin them with misplaced insecurities and suspicions. These are things you absolutely need to get a handle on and to get fixed. You don't want to go through life from one failed relationship to another!

The reality of this problem is; it has absolutely nothing to do with him. It's entirely about you. You've tortured this poor guy - all because you're insecure.

Think about that for a minute. Who would ever want that sort of badgering and manipulation in their lives? Relationships are supposed to be about connection and love and consideration and respect. They aren't there to help you bolster up your self-esteem while putting the poor guy through hell. It's just not his job to do this. You are supposed to come to the relationship with all of those things already fixed!

Therein lays your problem. You don't have any of this fixed and instead are expecting him to jump through hoops while you won't do the work you need to do on yourself. No guy wants any part of that. It saps every bit of value out of the relationship (soon, even sex isn't worth it!) and makes it just pure drudgery. Shortly after that they guy will come to resent you and at that point, the damage is so big that there's no going back to fix any of it.

Sound familiar?

Bri, what you're looking for is some quick-fix. I'm sorry to tell you, there isn't any. You're not going to get this solved in a few days or weeks or even months. If things are so bad for you right now, you have a ton of work to do and it's going to take a ton of time. But, until you get started you're never going to be "relationship-ready".

You need to get started on that right away. Until you do and you are able to show real, tangible proof that you've actually grown and changed it won't matter how many false numbers you use to contact him. He's simply not going to buy any of it.

I'm sorry to tell you that there's no short cut here. You either do the work and become the woman who is worthy of the relationship you want to have or you don't.


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