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Me and my ex bf had been together for 10 months and we were introduced by my friend and him and her really close and have a brother sister relationship as they say and they've known each other since they were 7 years old. Well I got jealous of their relationship and thought they were doing stuff behind my back but they werent and my ex was really into me so.I started to ask him to.prove to me that he only wants me and he even cut her off a while for me and all his friends were shocked.that he did that and said that he was in love with me but eventually they started talking again and I got.jealous so she cut it off with him for good so he broke up with me because he said hes him when hes not doing anything wrong. I am right now staying with him and his mother/family because of problems I had at home he still says he loves me but he said hes tired of.trying with me because there's always a problem that I create somehow like I think hes talking to another girl but what do I do or how do I convince him to give me another chance? Please help I need help.

Hello Brianna!

So, because of your insecurity, you tried to ruin his close friendship with someone you didn't like. You tortured him and imposed upon him to do everything he could just to make you feel better - and none of it worked.

You know why it didn't work? Because the problem isn't with him, it's with you.

You've written to me asking how to convince him to give you another chance, but you're completely missing the point. He's not going to give you another chance simply because you trick him into it. YOU have to change and grow up - really change and really grow up. Then, you have to try to convince him that you have.

Do you think you're going to be able to do that within just days or weeks? It takes many people many years to do that! However, if you don't get started on this, we're going to have this same discussion next year and the year after that and again the next year.

Brianna, this is about you looking deeply inside and figuring out why you're so insecure. You've got to get a handle on that first and only when you really, really understand it can you even begin to address it. That isn't easy for most people.

Then, you're going to need to create a plan to help yourself and then begin working the plan. This is going to take some time to accomplish - you're not going to do it overnight.

Once you're well on your way and you can show real, measurable grow/change can you then go to him and try to convince him that it's happening. He's not going to believe you just because you say so either. You're going to have to have a real, clear, specific way to show him, and frankly, his friend as well.


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