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I met a man I was not attracted to him but went out a few times and found out we had a lot in common esp our abusive upbringing. He had 4 bad marriages/relationships they were verbally abusive to him an treated him badly, but he stayed because he didn't want to be alone. Now he's been alone almost a year serial dating ect and it was confusing him (he gets weekly therapy for his childhood and insecurities) I made the mistake of falling in love with him and he somehow knew it by my actions. He broke off communications with me and others he dated his therapist suggested if he could not handle dating and sex not to do it... And it was. He knows I love him dearly an would never mistreat him in any way. I emailed him got no response. What are my
Chances do you think of him coming to conclusion I would be good for him? Should i try to contact him again?
Would it be wrong to send him say an Easter card? We are in our 60's and I tried to tell explain to him that we don't have many more chances to get it right and find real love. What should I do?

hello..i'm in CT as well; I've no idea as to the chances of him changing his mind; But at this point, it's really up to him as to the next move here; certainly a card is fine, but other than that, you would need to just accept his wishes; he knows how to find you, and perhaps one day he will realize that he needs you in his life; but as you inferred, time is becoming an enemy, so waste no time and refocus on YOUR life, including meeting/dating those hopefully more available and with less emotional issues....

How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

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