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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams/I want to die without her . I am totally exhausted


Dear Sir,
Please help me for godsake.
My name is sheikh from India. And I
am studying in final year b. Com.
One girl from first year b. Com eye
contacted with me more than 8 or 9
times. For instance in bus stand she
is looking at me everyday. I tried to
talk to her She did not reply.. After
that I ignored her but she kept on
looking at me everyday, in canteen,
while I roaming in campus her
friends are teasing her by my name.
I fell in love with her but my friend
classmate told me that her cousin
brother studying in her class so that
reason she is not talking with me. I
want propose her how to propose
her in college, always risk of her
cousin brother? How to propose
her Sir please tell me. She looked At
me when I was in shoping
mall 2 weeks ago for more than 10
seconds. I tried to talk to her there
but her parents were there. Only my
3 months remains of myvcollege..... I
love her more than my life.. It's
been 5 months this happens
Tell me how to propose her?""

Hello Sheikh!

First off, you aren't in love with this girl. You don't even know her! You are infatuated with her and that's a very different thing. You need to make this differentiation because thinking otherwise will cause you not do what you have to in order to get to know her.

Do you think her parents or "cousin brother" (I have no idea what that means) don't want her to be happy? Of course they do. If they are judging you negatively what could it be based on? They don't know you.  Again, more excuses to not do what you have to - not anything based in reality.

If she's making all this eye contact with you it gives you a wonderful opening with her. The very next time you see her do this - even if she's with someone - just walk over and say hello again. When she says nothing just say "if you want to know who I am you're going to have to talk to me!"

That's going to get everything out on the table. Let's face it Sheikh, it's the not-knowing that's really hurting you, right? Well, that's the first step. Get past all of this coyness and game playing and get direct. Then you can see where things could go.

If you don't do something, eventually she's going to get tired of waiting for you and you'll have lost your chance. Be bold! The mighty forces will come to your aid if you only take some action.

Best regards...

Dr. Dennis W. Neder
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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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