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Hi my name is Andrew, and there is this girl in one of my classes whom I really like. She is really pretty, I have talked to her a little so we know eachother, but I don't know how to approach her and just start a conversation with her. I really like her and would like to ask her out to the winter fest in a couple months but I feel like we don't know eachother well enough for me to ask her. Besides that I have the normal panic attack idiot mode when I try to talk to her, so it is hard for me to think of thinks to say.

Hello Andrew!

You certainly have time to get this figured out if the fest is in a few months, but frankly, why wait? You could be doing other things in the meantime getting to know her.

Stop and take a deep breath for a moment. Imagine someone else in your class that you're not attracted to but that you don't know any better than this girl. How would you approach them and get to know them better?

Answer: you'd probably think of some context in which to go talk to that person, right? For example, you may want to talk about the class or subject or teacher or homework assignment, etc., right? That's what context is - it's something you share with someone else.

Now, why wouldn't you use that exact same method to approach her? In fact, you should!

Here's a mistake I see guys trying to make all the time: they spend hours, days and weeks trying to think up the "perfect approach". What this is supposed to do is to make the girl fall in love with them from the moment he opens his mouth.

Andrew, that's not how things work! You have to BUILD attraction over time. All you need to do now is just create some interest. You do that by focusing on what's of interest to her. Obviously, she has the same thoughts about class that you do. Anything related to it then is something she's interested in and your reason to approach her.

Just remember that once you break the ice, you can now approach and talk with her any time you want to! You already have her name and she'll have yours.

Best regards...

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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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