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I am not saying that all girls love bad boys.I know some girls do love good boys,but I am sure that over half of all girls love bad boys.the term "bad boy" is not necessarily mean people do evil deed such as murder,stealing or rape.the term "bad boy" is usually apply to a male who is too masculine,possessive,aggressive,arrogant and jealous.the bod boy phenomena is most obvious in high school in every school,a boy who speak loudly,say a lot of dirty words,have a little fighting is likely to be surrounded by many girls.on the other hand,a boy who is to polite,honest and peaceful may not even have chance to get a girlfriend and hard to have female friends in general.for most teachers,parents and counselors,the bad boys are not acceptable while the girls do love them. in our society,most bachelors are "noblemen". they don't smoke.they don't drink alcohol.the don't play card.but it is very hard to find women who love them. women are likely to love men who do a lot of cruel things such as hunting,slaughtering animals,gun loving,playing violent games, eating raw beef and so on.even worse,some women love violent criminals more than average bad guys. even though these kind of women are very few but it is undeniable that they really exist.some women send love letters to the violent criminals in prison.some women who became the victims of domestic violence were severely beaten by their husbands. some underage girls were impregnated by their boyfriends and some even were raped.they prefer bad guys not because they are not lucky enough to find nice guys.they find bad guys more attractive than nice guys even if they have more chance to meet nice guy than bad guys. a boy may kill another boy just because another boy talk to his girlfriend and he got jealous. many girls feel good to have  jealous boyfriends but they don't realized this is too dangerous.even though there is no scientific proof that most girls love bad boys,there are many research (from both academic and non-academic perspective)suggest this theory.even though this topic is controversial amount scholars,but the bachelors and nice guys will not certainly believe these research are reliable because they are all victims.I don't mean to learn to be bad or teach anyone to be bad.I only want to know what is the cause of this phenomena.why do most female love so call "bad guys"?

Hello Robbie!

Yes, you are correct - well over half of women are attracted to "bad boys". Frankly, I hate that term because it's just a very lazy - and inaccurate - way of describing what women are really attracted to. Even your impression isn't correct.

Here's a far better way to think about this: drop the "bad boy" impression entirely. Instead of saying that "most women are attracted to bad boys" say "women [yes, all women] are attracted to 'power' - and different women view different things as 'powerful'". That's far more accurate.

As to why this is so; there's a ton of sociology, psychology and lots of other "ologies" that are far too complicated to go into here on this board. Buy me a beer sometime and I'll explain it to you. For now, suffice it to say that humans are "programmed" by nature and evolution.

You (as a guy - I'm assuming) are programmed to seek out what we term "beauty". This is a combination of many things, but ultimately it's about symmetry and indicators of health and reproductive ability.

Women are programmed too, but they seek out something very different - power. You can think of this in a very simplistic way: women are programmed to both find men who's genes will create offspring that won't get beaten up on the playground and have their lunch money stolen, AND men that will care for, provide for and raise those offspring to sexual maturity. Interestingly; women seek out these different men at different times in their monthly cycles!

What does any of this have to do with "bad boys"? Simple: those are the guys that appear to have the "won't-get-beaten-up" genes. By the way; they are NOT attracted to guys that seem to want to be the beaters! That's because powerful people don't usually need to fall back into violence - they don't need to because they have "power".

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