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hi i am 40 yr old male.i went on a date with a woman that a mutual friend set us up.the date lasted 4 hrs and i thought everything went great,she is a christian woman as i am a christian man.we went walking on the beach and out to lunch i paid of course i opened her door good conversation laughing.she did ask if i smoked cigarettes which i do and she doesnt.but the next day i text her telling her i had a great time and wanted to see her again,her reply was i was a great guy but she didnt beleive we had enough things in common for a long term relationship but would like to go play golf with me one day,i replied and told her that i really liked her and its been a long time since i found someone who i have had interest in since my divorce 4 yrs ago.and thats been 3 days now and she hasnt responded.i dont know what to do cause in my heart i beleive she is the one.what should i do?

Hello TJ!

It's possible that while she's "the one" for you, you are not for her. That makes her "not the one".

Obviously, I can't tell you what she thinks is missing. From your perspective it sounds like you had a fun date, but that's not enough to build a relationship on.

It's unfortunate but many women today actually believe that if they don't feel some "spark" on the first date that there must not be any connection. That's very immature and misguided and it may be the reason she feels there's no long-term future.

You didn't mention whether there was any physical closeness - touching, kissing, etc. - and that's also a big part of building chemistry for women. In fact, there are 5 types of chemistry: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and sexual. You can build a relationship on any one of them, but by far sexual chemistry is the most important. Add to that any of the others and you have a good potential for something long-term.

I suggest you set up another date with her. If it's golf, fine. If not, that's fine too as long as it's a date where you can get face-time. In other words, no movies or concerts. You need to be able to communicate and connect.

When you set up this date just tell her that you're not willing to let it go yet. You don't know what she thinks is missing or what she's looking for but you think she may have not seen what you did and want to try again.

See where that goes and maybe you can turn this around. Good luck!

Best regards...

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