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Dear Mr Franks,

My name is Ryan and i'm 21 years old. There's a girl i've known for many years, since we were children. During that time, i've had a lot of romantic feelings for her and she's known this.

Sometimes we were a couple, sometimes we weren't. She was a very unpredictable and mysterious girl. But she had a gorgeous appearance and despite she used to tease me, she had a heart of gold.
I know that after a while, she started to really like me too. But she still kept to her maverick, teasing and unpredictable ways. My happiest memories were kissing her, touching her and all that.

She doesn't know it yet, but I will visit her university soon after many years of no contact between us. (I heard from a friend at that university that she's still single but still very beautiful).

If we go out, have a week of romance and one thing leads to another, I intend to leave her and return back to my town and return back to university.
But i will tell her or write her a letter before i go, that i will give her 1 month to decide if she wants to be with me.

If she intends to be with me, then I will write that she should meet me in a certain city on valentines day (Valentines day in her country. This city is very beautiful and romantic at this time). I'll tell her I will be waiting for her there (and if she doesn't turn up, and I hear from my friend who's close to her that she didn't go, then I know that I should move on).

What do you think about this? Thank you for your answer.


P.S. if you think it won't turn out well, please explain why.

Ryan your plan sounds romantic and manageable, I definitely think it could work giving her interest in you is still high, but what if she does take the bait and decide to be with you then what next. How far are you guys apart? Long distance relationships can be hard to keep up with at times and can become unbearable. Both parties have to be strong enough to stay the course especially at different universities. I don't know all the details but Ryan are you ready for a long distance relationship?

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