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Hi there,

Just for some background info, i know this girl through a group project in my college, and we are in the same group. I got her number, along with all my other group members as we had to communicate regarding the project, so it was not exactly a "legit" way through which i got her number. I met her awhile ago together the group, this time round we couldnt talk as much as the first time i met her. The first time, i had some lone time with her and we were talking bout where we come from and stuff. However today, i didnt have the chance to spend some alone time, and i couldn't speak to her anything personal. Since i have her mobile number, i was contemplating whether to message her casually regarding some academic stuff, and then slowly take it from there to ask her why chose her majors, and hopefully talk more personal stuff from there. But at the same time, i am wondering if it would make me look awkward or needy. Also we are having another group project done in a few days, and after that it will be even more difficult and awkward to sms her or ask her out to talk to her since we know each other so little, and i have lost the convenient excuse of the group project. Please do advise me as to what would be the best thing for me to do, i think i want to get to know this girl better first at least. Thank you for your time!


Hello, Bob.

I think one mistake guys make is resorting to inferior modes of communication (texting, facebook, etc...) when they have an opportunity to make a move in person.   

Since you have a project together, why not initiate to do more work with her. Why not all or e-mail her and ask if she would like to work on some parts of that project together just you and her at a coffee shop one evening, etc... You can even ask her in person the next time you see each other. You don't need to explain to her why you chose to ask her and other team mates. You are just asking her. And if she asks "why me?", you can playfully say "why not me?"   

Texting, etc... to someone you see in person but don't know well is going to make you come across as both weak and creepy, so try to avoid doing that.  



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