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I was just asking, in regards to woman, what do they prefer most in a man? Does every guy has to be bad ass to be a successful player? In the dating world, is there any place for a 'nice guy'?
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Most women just want a man to be a man. The main attribute that women are attracted to is confidence. It's okay to be a nice guy, in fact, what woman doesn't want a Nice Guy. Most jerks are not mean to their woman all the time. If so, then the relationship would not work out. You have to understand that when a woman says she wants a nice guy, she's really saying that she wants a nice guy who at the same time is a man and know's what he wants. She wants a nice guy who at the same time is assertive. She wants a sensitive guy, but when needed can be aggressive. She wants a guys who can be playful, but at the same time put her in place when he feels disrespected. She wants to feel as though she can rely on you to be her protector. So it's not always that nice guys finish last; it's mostly the passive attributes they release out into the world that makes them seem weak and sensitive. If you are nice then be nice, but don't be a doormat in life. Go after what you want even if it terrifies you, and yes that means talking to beautiful women who may reject you, but you will be actually conquering your personal fear every step you take. This is a quick synopsis but I hope this helps you out little.

How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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