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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams/do lot of men who with Nice Guy Syndrome also have high functioning autism?


I am not saying that autism and nice guy syndrome are one and same,but there are lot of similarity between nice guy syndrome and
asperger syndrome(high functioning autism). these similarity are more than what people who with high functioning autism (asperger syndrome) tend to interpret things too literally.they find hard to make friend with people because they don't understand what people are saying.they find hard to understand joke.likewise, the the nice guys really believe that women love nice guys because women say so while the women claim to love nice guys but they actually love bad boys.the people men with asperger syndrome say things too literally and tend to be very honest.the nice guys too,they don't like to deceive women.they don't say the things that women love to hear.they only say the things that are true even women don't like to hear.the nice guys don't cheat either. the men with asperger syndrome don't know what people really want,so people don't like to make friend with them.similarly,the nice guys don't know that most women actually love bad guys. can these two syndromes cause one another?

Hello Robbie!

First off, Asperger's syndrome as a diagnosis is being dropped from psychology (via the DSM-V - "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual version 5") in favor of "Autism Spectrum Disorder" or "ASD".

This is due to a number of factors but the most compelling is that Asperger's symptom's are only vaguely defined. Thus, while there may be some similarities between Asperger's and "Nice Guy Syndrome" that's only due to the vagueness of the condition's symptoms itself.

These similarities are only coincidental.

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