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QUESTION: "hii..
I had a bestfriend cum gf.I mean v startd as frnds in
2010 n became best frnds.Then i proposed her n frm
last 2years she was gf.But from june 2012,i did not
give much time to her and literally ignored her.In that
course of time,another guy came into the picture n won her heart.she got really addicted to him.In
january 2013,that other guy asked my gf to make a
choice between me and him and to choose only
one,to choose the person between both of us,with
whom she wants to continue her relationship.She
choose the other guy bcoz she was really vry addicted to him.Even then we both are still best
friends n even today she says she loves me more
than anything in the world,but now how can he leave
the other guy as she is very addicted to him.For these
last 3months i tried my best by doing everything to
show her my love and even she loves me alot.But the problem is she is very addicted to talking with the
other guy on the phone.Me and my gf are in the same
town and that other guy lives in a different
town.From last few days,she is ignoring me alot and
avoiding to meet me.
What should i do now to win her back? I cant live without her.
We guys r bestest friends. Thanku.!"

ANSWER: Hello Rohan!

First of all, do you know how rude it is to write to me with all these abbreviations that only YOU understand and then to make me try to figure out what you're asking me???

If my time isn't worth writing properly and re-reading what you ask me then why should I bother giving you any of it?

You lost this girl for the same reason you couldn't be bothered to write me a proper letter - you're lazy. Now that you've lost all your chances with her you finally come looking for some help. Well, to be honest, I think you've lost your chances with her. Hmmm....seems like there's a lesson in there somewhere.

If she wasn't worth your time before, why is she worth it now? Just because you can't have her? Is this really about her being the right girl for you or just about your own ego?

It would be a good time to break things off with her. Spend some time thinking about your own situation and let her see what it'd be like without you. If she can't live without you then you can set the terms you want to have the connection with her. Right now, she holds all the cards.

Best regards...

Dr. Dennis W. Neder
CEO/Executive Producer
BAM! Productions
Remington Publications
Producers: "BAM! TV" and “Love and Sex”
Publishers: "Being a Man in a Woman's World I, II & III”

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thank you for your response sir.
I'm really sorry for the trouble you had with my abbreviations.
Its not about my ego.she is the right girl for me.its was just that things aren't working for me.we guys are best friends again and she shares every thing with me.but the problem is she is addicted to talking with that other guy and so she is unable to get back with me.we guys are back in contact.But she is unable to remove the addiction she has for that other guy.
When all these issues happened,i was little rude on my part but after that i have improvised on my language,my health,my attire,everything.In some corner of her heart,she agrees that she wants to get back with me,but the problem is she is very addicted to that guy.
So can you please guide me,as to what should be done to reduce her addiction? so that slowly slowly we get back together again.

Thank you.

Hello again Rohan!

The only way she's going to get over her "addiction" is for you to force her to deal with it. With you in the picture she doesn't have to do that. In effect, you're the buffer between her and him which gives her more reason to chase him. This is even more so true if she wants to manipulate you because she obviously sees how it affects you.

That's why you need to break away from her completely. Stop being the guy that soothes her when he's not around. Get scarce so that she gets to feel the loss of you. Right now, she gets everything she wants without having to give you anything you want.

Best regards...

Dr. Dennis W. Neder
CEO/Executive Producer
BAM! Productions
Remington Publications
Producers: "BAM! TV" and “Love and Sex”
Publishers: "Being a Man in a Woman's World I, II & III”

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