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There is a couple of girls I like the look of  one of the is sexy with big boobs  but  is about 15-16 were I'm coming up for 18. There is another two who are in my year but don't have that big boobs but I still find them attractive,then there is another 15-16 I find attractive .
The problem is  I'm not sure if they have a boyfriend and can I still get them as I left school last week,the two older ones I have had freindship in the past which might get affected,is it legal to date A 15 year old.and my biggest worry is  if it fails the girl would tell her freinds I tried to date her .and I'm not realy popular to be high up in the food chain .if it helps I live in the UK

Hello Mark!

Let's be clear here: dating someone and having sex with them are two different things. It's not illegal to date someone under the "age of consent" but it is to have sex with that person.

The age of consent is established throughout the world as the age at which someone is considered to be able to thoughtfully and knowingly give their consent. Below that age that person is thought to not have enough life experience to make such a decision and thus; even if they agree and consent, any sexual act with that person is a crime. In the United Kingdom the age of consent is 16-years-old:

Again, that doesn't prevent an adult (you at 18-years-old) from dating a person who is younger.

The problem with this sort of law is that it's only a standard or guideline. There are certainly people who are mature enough to make good, knowledgeable decisions at 15 and younger and there are older people who aren't. So, that one year difference could be significant.

Let's talk about the boyfriend-issue. First, every woman has a "boyfriend". That doesn't mean they are completely unavailable however. Many of these guys however are "boy-friends", not lovers and that's obviously a very important difference!

It's unfortunate but guys do this all the time. They think they can "work it from the inside". In other words, they think that by becoming the friend first that they girl will see what a great guy he is, fall in love with him, do all of his work for him and then he won't have to take any risks at all. Likewise, many guys are terrified of being rejected, ridiculed or humiliated by going after a girl that has a boyfriend (not just a boy-friend) and thus, they don't take any risks either and never get anywhere.

Both of these will prevent a guy from every getting anywhere! When you become a woman's "friend" you will never be anything else to her. You're not going to slip from friendship into something more. That's because of the way that the female brain works. You need to go for what you want - boldly and directly. Otherwise, you simply lose your chance with that girl.

That's also true of girls with boyfriends. As you've already said, you don't know of any of these girls have boyfriends. The difference between you and some guy that gets what he wants is that you care too much about it.

Think about this for a moment. It's not your job to decide for any girl whether you or her boyfriend are a better choice for her. That's HER decision to make. It's YOUR job to give her the choice! The reality is; it's more difficult to KEEP a girl than to take someone else's!

It's difficult at your age but you need to get over being worried about humiliation and rejection. Sure, it hurts, but that goes away very quickly. What's even more important is that it almost never happens! No girl is going to crush your spirit just because you want to take her out on a date! She's not going to try to embarrass you with her friends. That makes HER look like a bitch! In fact, maybe that will open up a chance with one of her hot friends.

Further, lets say that you ask one of these girls out and she says, "I already have a boyfriend". All you have to say is, "I'm not surprised at all, but let me ask you; are you going to marry this guy? Is he everything you've ever hoped and dreamed of having? Because if not, you need to get to know me". Then, you simply let her make the choice.

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