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I love skinny women with big breasts like this one :
the problem is that I found a woman which I am currently dating. she has a nice character and we have similar ideas and concepts. The problem is that she has very small breasts that I can't even look twice at her chest. I as a man, look at breasts
as the origin of femininity. And I cant' imagine being with a woman with small or no breasts.
I said to myself: Go get that woman and then make her do breast enlargement, but all advises I've found on the internet states that it's abusive to tell your woman to do breast enlargement to satisfy your ego. And that will lead to lose intimacy with her and maybe  relationship. what to do? should I continue dating her? or let her go since we are at the beginning of dating and we did not reach sex point yet?
I hope my question is clear
Bigger Boobs Lover

Hello Dave!

Almost everyone has a "fetish" and yours is large breasts. If it's this defined for you, you aren't likely to be happy long-term with a woman who has small boobs. If that's the only/main criteria you have for being attracted to a woman however you may need to reconsider what's really healthy for you or even talk to a counselor for some perspective.

Yes, it's abusive to demand that a woman have surgery to fit your idea of "femininity". Only the rarest of relationships could survive that. If you don't find yourself attracted to the current girl due to your fetish and you don't find enough other qualities to keep you interested and attracted, you need to end things so that she can find someone who doesn't share your need and move on to find what you want.

One additional point to consider:

You may very well find that your interests change as you get older. More to the point, what you need to be happy will change. Focusing on a single point of interest right now isn't going to serve you in the long term. I'm not saying that you shouldn't pursue large-breasted women if that's what works for you but that's only one small part of her. All the other things are at least as important and some are far more important.

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