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Okay ,so I've been on and off obsessing about this girl from my school. When we first met she was a sophomore and I was a junior. So, now she's Junior and I'm a senior. We first met in a subway both headed home. And I said hi there, and she said hi. I asked he what her name was and she said her name was Chelsea. I said my name is Robert. So, I was thinking about her day in and day out. She was so dreamy. To mostly girls and some guys she isn't all that like she's not the type girl you would say is most popular or sexiest girl in school but she was so so pretty/cute. I always had the logic to be a little feminine with my approach with girls. I'm not gay btw I'm Asexual or you could say I'm on the verge of converting to a full asexual. I feel like I love this girl. I add her on facebook and I add her on instagram. But I felt I love her so much I just kept it sealed and visited her everyday in class to give her a hug as our classes were right across from each other during 4-5 period. SO, I once approached her saying Hello cutie, how are you? I said it in a soft tone kinda mixed wit my regular voice and a bit of a higher pitch with a little robotic sound to it to not seem so gay ya know. She said "fine". The thing was she never asked back about me. Like we were walking down to the subway instead of taking the bus to it and I was talking but it didn't seem she was listening and she said she was but she was walking kind of fast but not to where it look liked she wanted to run away but I kept up to pace. I was talking but never did she ask back about me. She's so so cute and I want nobody but her. I asked her out 2-3 weeks later after we first met and she said she's not ready yet. I usually take this as a BS way to keep you the man quiet but when I look back to that exact moment she seems sincere. I feel I really love this girl and want nobody but her. I plan to go to college to be a nurse but I want her to be by my side forever as I succeed or plummet in life. I used to say her name out of nowhere in a super high pitched voice because I found it fun and I often did it with lots of other girls but I was starting to annoy myself with it and stopped doing it. I never really spotted any annoyances or maybe I'll never spot it because I had asperger syndrome and ADHD. But I feel I love this girl and want nobody but her. What can I do? What should I do? What do you think of the overall situation?

Hello Robert we got some work to do. Okay so the first problem that I ran across is you mention obsession. Robert this word never has good endings. You should never obsessed over someone because you instantly give them value that they haven't deserved yet. It will make you over look red flags that need to be monitored. Robert I understand that you like this girl and she may be beautiful to you as well, but the fact of the matter is that she said that she's not ready yet which means that you need to back off a little. You need to give her some room before you make another approach. Now the girl could very well not be ready or she just could be rejecting you in a nice way. You have to take all that into consideration Robert. Robert just like I tell all my clients, When a woman truly likes then you she will usually let you know and one way or another.It will never be a guessing game or inconsistent answers.  So in my personal opinion I would back off and work on yourself a little first. This whole entire conversation I heard very little about yourself and a lot about this girl. Robert who are you and what do you inspire to be in life? I heard you want to be a nurse which is great. So what are you doing to achieve that goal. Are you working diligently and relentless toward that goal because at this stage in your life it should be 70% about yourself and 30% women or friends. So Robert I encourage you to become more obsessed with yourself fist. Okay so let's get into the girl portion of this note. Robert I don't think she's very interested in you simply because because she's never really taking the initiative to talk to you. It's only been you talking to her, and if that's not a red flag then I don't know what is. You asked her out which is good and direct, but she rejected in a subtle way. There's nothing wrong with getting rejected, and all  that means is she may not be the woman for you.But there's good news Robert there's plenty of women out there and with enough practice you can snag a few of them.  You sound a little inexperienced and I i'm glad I got to you before someone breaks your heart. To be successful with women Robert you must first Love yourself and second become a Man. Women love a nice guy who at the same time is masculine and fun. Qualities of a man are as followed: Confident, self assured, decisive, responsible, and courageous.
If you truly like this girl then try to ask her out one more time. This time go straight to her with confidence and make sure you make eye contact. Ask her to go somewhere like the Aquarium, movie theater, play, dinner, Arcade( dave buster) bowling, football game, something that's fun and different. Take a week to get your act together and most importantly treat her like a friend, and  not someone who you idolize because that will tear your game apart every time. If she rejects you then don't sweat it and keep moving. Save some room and energy for the next woman. If you have more questions then read my ebook " Be the man that women love" I'm giving it away for free on my site.

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