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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams/what is the best treatment for the girls who are scared away?


hi, Dr.Dennis Neder, I need your help to solve my problem.since I became a youth, most girls went away from me. A girl avoid me probably because she think I am interested in her in romantic way but she is not interested in me in this way. I don't know if I am suffer from so call "nice guys syndrome". but if I do, the so call "friend zone" is not exist and actually a myth for me. many nice guys say that they have a lot of female friends but no sexual partner, but for me, I am more likely to be entirely cut off. I can only use the term " stranger zone", "acquaintance" or even "enemy zone" to describe my situation rather than "friend zone". It is not common for a girl to entirely cut of a nice guy
unless she think he is interested in her,but i can't stop the girls from thinking that way.
I would call my self a virtue guy instead of a nice guy. Even though I am honest and I respect girls, unlike other nice guys,I am not sweet nor caring at all. for example, I may try to sit with a girl in class in college but seldom talk to her,or got a girl's phone number but never call.I never buy any gift for girls. I fear that if I care the girls too much it make them alert. I am not sweet but unlike jerks, I don't harass girls.
why did I make girls alert for just sit with them in class and seldom talk or ask their phone number without calling them while I did not do anything special? can I bring a girl back if she already was scared away because she think that I am interested in her? how to prevent theses things happen next time?

Hello John!

You "respect girls"? Why? That may seem like a strange question but it's not. Do you "respect" the woman who drowned her 4 infant children a few years ago? Do you "respect" the woman who drugged her husband, tied him to the bed, cut his penis off and then threw it in the garbage disposer because he was going to divorce her?

If you "respect" people simply because they fit into some group I think you're making a huge mistake. It's not a good idea to respect groups because groups are made up of individuals. Instead, choose to respect individuals and only then based on what they do, say or think. I'll bet that one change alone will help you somewhat with this problem.

You say you rarely talk to girls but then you tell me you get their numbers. How are you getting digits if you're not talking to girls?

The problem I'm having with your question is that you've told me a few facts (as you see them) but nothing about why you believe these things are true. It appears that in fact, women DO talk to you. They give you their numbers! I don't think they track you down and shove pieces of paper into your hands with their contact information on them do they?

It's very unlikely that women just shun you without you doing something off-putting. The friend-zone is the opposite of the shun-zone - but neither of them get you what you want. Likewise, being an angry jackass/jerk isn't going to get you very far with most women either.

This is one of those situations where there's not much I can do to help you directly without talking to you and finding out specifically what you're doing (or not doing) so that we can work on changing that behavior and you can start seeing the results you want.

Please go to my website ( and get some person coaching time ordered and we can work on getting this fixed for you.

Best regards...

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