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Hi doc
1- The major problem I have When  it comes To talking to women is how to keep the dialogue going .. I don't have this problem when it comes to men coz men are more interactive ..most women only reacts to the things I say which makes my task a little bit more difficult. How I can overcome that.
2- I know its silly but deep down I really feel some of the women I see are out of my league.. Because some women are so good looking and attractive I believe (if she is single)  she have been approached so many times which made her expectations of men more higher .. So usually I avoid such women coz I believe I have no chance with them. Am I correct??

Hello Moh!

1. You're making the mistake of trying to entertain someone when you should engage them instead. In other words, you think you have to say the right things to keep their interest. Nothing could be further from the truth. That involves a one-sided monologue, not a dialog.

If you go to my website and read my FAQ's (under "Articles") there is a link there to some articles that will help you understand the difference as well as how to connect with someone via conversation.

2. No, you are not correct. I talk to a lot of women and you'd be surprised (maybe shocked) at how many really beautiful women don't get approached. Most guys feel like you do. They are intimidated thinking that these women get hit on all the time or are out of their leagues. Not true in the least.

However, you have to have something to deliver when you approach. No woman (regardless of her looks) is going to do your work for you. If you lack skills that's a very different discussion than being in or out of someone's "league".

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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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