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There is this girl in my college whom i happened to know since we bumped into each other twice. Once was during a party where I even mentioned my name to her and her group of friends. After that we saw each other once but she didn't acknowledge me. I then said hi to her, and she stopped and mentioned that i was very familiar and that she had seen me somewhere before. After I tried reminding her she said she had bad memory and then went on to ask me how I am. So we actually talked to each other for quite awhile after that. So my question here is, why did she have to act like she didn't know me or couldn't remember me, and then go on to talk to me for quite awhile? Also i feel it is impossible for her not to remember me, so what is the logic behind this?

I feel like trying to go for her, but she will not be in town, so I can only contact her via Facebook. Should I add her as a friend and then message her?

The final question is, I don't know if she already has a boyfriend. Is it wrong to approach her if she already has one?

Thanks for your time

Hello Ericksen!

She did this to prevent you thinking (or knowing) that she was interested or even attracted to you. Here's the fact: women are notoriously good at hiding their real intentions. They do this trying to get YOU to play your hand first.

The fact is; women are cowards and afraid of being rejected. Men can be cowards too but the fact is; we have to do all the risk-taking if things ever get moved forward.

By feigning familiarity with you she avoided saying "Oh, hey Ericksen - how are you?" and thereby telling you that she remembered you. Thus, she could see if YOU would remember HER or not instead. It's a dumb, insecure and cowardly game, but it's one of women's "tools" - for good or bad.

I don't know what you mean by "she will not be in town". Are you saying that she's long-distance? If so, forget her. Move on. FB-friend her if you want, but don't expect anything to happen - ever. LDR's never work out. If she's going to be out of town temporarily (less than a month or two) then FB-friend her and wait until she returns to connect again.

It is absolutely NOT "wrong" to approach a woman who has a boyfriend! What are you, the boyfriend police or something? Who are you to say that you're not a far, FAR better match for her than some guy you've never met? It's not your job to decide for her who to date. It's your job to give her the choice - and to make the case that you're the better one.

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