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How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams/How to get a beautiful famous model o actress attention to date her?


I have seen famous women or models who are  so beautiful, that any men would want to date them. Like Sofia Vergara, Rosalyn sanchez,Eva Longoria,Brittney spears,just to name a few of them that I'm interested.The thing is,how can a normal guy get a date with those women? to be in a relationship with them.See,there's this women who is a latina from Colombia.I'm pretty sure she's some kind of model,cause she's so beautiful and has done swimsuit calendars and has an attractive body.This women is like a host in a Spanish program on television.I would love to date her.But I don't know how.There's a lot of guys crazy  over her.I bet she could have her pick on any guy she wants.How can I get her attention?I would like to get to know her well, so I can date her.I'm in my late 20's like her.I like exercising.And I take good care of my body physically.Should I work out at the gym often or something?how can I stand out from all the other guys?and she's from Colombia.Women from other countries might have other ways for a men to get their attention.She only has a twitter account.Her television show,has a facebook page.She gets a lot of tweets in her twitter,and I'm sure she doesn't answers them all.I know that I'm not the most handsome and physically attractive men out there that any beautiful sexy women will look for.But I'm not out there like the other thousands of guys who only want her for her body.I want to get to know her personality.Take her out and make her laugh and show her a good time.And Hopefully be in a serious relationship with her.I'm the kind of romantic and sweet  kind of guy.A gentlemen.There's got to be a way.Can you help me?How can I get her attention?

Phil to increase your chances of getting beautiful model like women is to expose and impose yourself more. What do I mean by this? Well Phil first of all let's get the basics out of the way. Most women who are models and so called beautiful are not really that great looking. You see in today's society 80% of women live behind a sea of makeup and skin enhancing products. Most women can't even leave the house without putting on some type of makeup. So saying that, the women of your dreams who you see as tens are really like a bunch of eights. So Phil beautiful women are not some far fetch imaginary idol that only the good looking and rich guys can have. Anybody can snag a beautiful woman. Your first problem is that you put them on a pedestal and see them as something a lot more than yourself. So in other regards you worship them suggestively which lowers your value. You need to see them as nothing more than a beautiful human being that you're interested in getting to know, nothing more. When you think like this then you cancel out your fears of not being good enough and your desires of doing whatever they want to be accepted by them which makes you look like a door mat.  So Phil that's the understanding of women in a nut shell. Now let's get back to expose and impose. You can have beautiful women is you first expose yourself enough to beautiful women and second you do something about it. Now will you get every woman you want, of course not, but you will increase your chances by doing it more. So how do you amplify your self to the opposite sex? Well first yes you guessed it, you need to hit the weights. Big muscles and a nice toned body is very attractive to women and will instantly get you in the door even if your face doesn't look all that good. And second, the way you dress. It's so important to dress like you have a purpose in life. I'm not saying you have to buy expensive clothes, but you must know how to throw combinations together that will make you look nice and desirable. Last you have to have confidence in a great personality. How do you get a great personality? Well if your personality did not develop when you were growing up for whatever reason, then you have to work on it by interacting with more people everyday. Also, you need to start doing new things that you've never done before so that you will have something to say when it's conversation time other than I like your dress.( Practice approaching people everyday for no apparent reason; this is very effective with women when you get used to it) The opposite of courage is not fear but conformity, so be different and be confident in your own unique personality. That's all for now. If you want to learn more about getting women and understanding yourself as a man then grab my new book called: " Tips tricks and secrets for dating and understanding women." Here is the link:

How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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