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I love a girl who is my class mate , i approached her and  start getting friendship with her ,  she told me she already have a boyfriend :( and she love him alot cant survive without him , i told her i love her too alot  she said me she respect my feeling but sorry i love my boyfriend , she also asked me not to talk with her in class as she dont wwant other to preceive something else about us , she even refused  my lunch offer with her she even refused me to  give her number, i love her and we are just friends on fb and chaat daily for  an hour , and kip staring her all tym in class to make her notice but  our story is not getting forward she still thinks i m her friend.

Well first of all your not in love, your in deep infatuation. Love is manifested overtime through adversity and very strong emotions. Okay Muneef I'm going to be simple and straight-forward with you. This girl says she has a boyfriend who she loves and can't survive without. That right there tells you that she is off the market. Now I'm not understanding the union or friendship you guys going with chatting daily for an hour, but it sounds like she is friend-zoning you. Maybe she's not getting the verbal interaction from her boyfriend and just using you to fulfill her desires. Muneef you are wasting time for no reason. The girl is clearly  in love with her boyfriend so you need to back away and keep her as an associate so that you don't become bitter or resentful. See Muneef even if you have a chance with this girl you're currently blowing it. Women are attracted to confidence and guys who seem like they are in control of their life. You are exhibiting clingy and needy behavior which is a huge turnoff. If anything I would back away from her, get myself together( Exercise, change wardrobe) and look for new women to date. I would hang with or talk to this girl every so often, but I would ask her to go on a date instead of Facebooking or talking on the phone for hours.  Muneef desperation is a huge turnoff  and I'm sure it will not get you far. You need to become self assured and confident in who you're. So even if she rejects you still see high value in yourself and will make the necessary adjustment for the next girl.

How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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