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I am from India. I want your valuable suggestion/help on my situation. I will start with myself I am working in good mnc with good salary (6.5 Lakhs per annum)
, I am 26, there is my co worker who joined along with me, she is 28. I have been very good friends with her since past four years, and only in the
last 8 months or so I realised I have developed feelings for her. She isnt the most good looking girl in our friend group, but I seriously feel for her.

Well as she is already 28, there were many time when she went to meet a boy for marriage and somehow things didnt work that well,
and her family is searching for her. But nowadays she is even ready to make compromises (as she feels she is getting late) like once she told be about a boy that she went to see
he was very dark and was not so good looking as compared to her.
So 2 weeks ago I finally told her that I feel for you and want to marry you. She said that You are very nice and good at heart,
everything is good just that I dont feel for you, I said that even the guy you are going to marry you dont even know him let alone feeling for him, and besides
people cant be trusted that easily as they might fake something, but with me you know everything about me, and I guarantee you that you will be very happy with me.
She said that till now I have not seen you that way, so I requested her that as there is no one she likes and is even ready to make compromises
than why not try looking me like that or just try thinking once. She said she cant do that :(
She is still good friend of mine, however I want her to like me as I feel that I can be really good for her even one of our close friend say that she cant get a boy better than me and I look better and I have understanding.
I show lot of care for her, Can you please suggest me that I can do to boost the chances of her liking me as well.

PS: This is not physical attraction what I have for her and I seriously want to marry her, and as per her is she likes someone her parents
will allow the marriage and there is no problem with my family as well.

Hi Sourabh,

Thank you so much for your question. I apologize for my delayed response!

First of all, I appreciate that you were upfront with this girl.  You let her know how you felt about her and you did not hold back!  This is a great thing!

Now, I know that she did not respond in the way that you wanted her to respond.  I think a lot of it had to do with was that you had an expectation of how you wanted her to respond to you. I might be wrong, but I think that you thought that she would readily agree to marry you since she has not gotten married yet.  Instead, she said that she was not interested.  (I also suspect that she is tired of being told what to do and just wants to do her own thing!)

I would encourage you to continue to be good friends with her. I would also encourage you to ask her plenty of questions to show your interest in her. These gestures go a long way and might result in her changing her mind. In all of your interactions with her it is best to allow yourself to just be her friend---without an agenda or expectations.

Anyway, I hope this helps! Please give me an update if you would like!

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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