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How are you? I was wondering for advice on what I should do next or if I should not do anything at all. Sorry if this is long winded but in medical school I fell crazily in love with a girl. She liked me too but because of circumstances we never dated. Part of the reason is that I was too shy and work oriented. The other part is that she was in a hidden relationship with a guy who wanted to keep their relationship secret.Well, as I am a few years ahead of her, I ended up working in another state far away. She recently came to interview and we hung out and it went great(we ended up sleeping with each other). She told me she was forever done with that relationship and I told her I had feelings for her since the day I first met her. After she went back home, I continued to text her and compliment her but she didn't really text me back and seem interested. I am sure she has/had feelings for me as she is a conservative female and I doubt she would have slept with me if she did not have feelings for me. As I think the world of her and have never connected to someone like I have with her, what should I do? Should I continue to try to text her or just leave her be as I have already told her how I feel about her and if she wants to talk to me she can just text back?

Thank you and sorry it was so long.

Dear Mustafa,

It sounds like you made your interest more than clear, so at this point there is nothing more you can or should be doing. Please also be sure to read the following article and especially #4 that applies to your situation:



How to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

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