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QUESTION: I'm a 19 year old college student. Every day I'm surrounded by people, plenty of girls. And I'm even genuinely close to many of them, and yet none of them have any desire to be closer than friends. What am I doing or not doing that makes all girls not want to be in a relationship?

ANSWER: Hi Lucas,

The key to having relationships that you want is to treat people how you want to be treated. Are you talking to these women? Are you making an effort to get to know them?

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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QUESTION: Thank you for helping. Yes I am getting to know them, I'm actually very good friends with a lot of them, definitely more than an aquatance. I treat all of them as nicely as I possibly can, I treat everyone like that. They all seem really happy to be my friend, but don't want anymore. Is there a reason? Do I just need to wait to meet the right one?

Hi Lucas,

Thank you for the additional information.

Since you are great at treating other people the way you want to be treated, how well do you treat yourself?  

For instance, when something bothers you, do you speak your truth or hold it in? Do you ask for what you want?  (In a romantic context, this would mean asking someone on a date.)

Do you take good care of yourself?  

The way we treat ourselves will be reflected in the quality of our relationships?

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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QUESTION: Yes I do. I actually have a lot of self esteem. I am happy in life, and genuinely like myself, but of course we all still have our individual problems. I have the confidence to ask a girl on a date, but I don't want to, when they show no signs of feeling that way, I don't want to shock them. The few times in past I tried they had never thought of me in that way. Is there another reason girls might not like me in that way?


Hi Lucas,

If you can master rejection, then you can have a wonderfully fulfilled life. If you like someone ask her out. You can start informally by meeting at a coffee shop to study. And just keep asking for what you want!

If she says no or that she does not see you that way, FINE! At the very least she will be flattered and you will become more and more confident as you continue to ask.

In order to have what we want, we need to pursue it. So ask as many people out as you want and take it from there!

Their rejection is not about you, it is about them! And we live in an abundant world with so many opportunities to create what we want.

There is no easy way around this except to GO FOR IT!  Someone will eventually say yes and in the meantime, you become a more a confident, successful, and interesting person. Confidence is very attractive.

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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