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Hi, I hope you remember me. And I hope my question fits your category, but if it doesn't, just reject it.

Anyways, my question is that the media and society often claim that beautiful women are hard to get or they are always bad. But is it true? And is it true that beautiful women are lesser in number than uh, plain Janes I guess!

2. And another thing I have seen is that when a couple is in a non marital relationships, there is great love and understanding between them. But after marriage, all their affection ends abruptly. Why?

3. I have repeatedly read articles that woman don't look at beauty in a man but rather, overall musculine vibe, confidence and power. But there is a clash in facts. Some facts claim that women prefer serious and moody men, while some claim that women like funny men. But I think that from a woman's point of view, a serious man apparently looks successful and ambitious but a funny man looks dumb, weak and a failure. Is it true?


Hi Jem,

Of course, I remember you! :-)

Great questions! In fact, they are so good I may feature at least one of them on my new weekly column called Ask Lauren! :-) Check out this free service by clicking on the link below:

Anyway, to address the first question that you wrote...I am sure that it is "true" to someone but this is definitely not something that is Universally true. You get to look at what you believe is beautiful...To me, someone who is beautiful is a person who lets their soul's light shine through. This can lead to physical beauty, health, and an attractive disposition about life. Yes, there are people who are physically attractive, but it is only in a superficial sense. So what it really comes down to is that you get to be clear on what beauty means to you and you get to create it within yourself. Meaning--that if looks alone are important to you, then you need to make sure that you are working out a lot and doing everything it takes to be "hot."  If you believe that beauty is more mind-body-spirit type of thing, then you get to take care of your mind, body, and soul.  Something that is universally true is that "like always attracts like."

Now for question two---Unfortunately, people are not always honest. In an attempt to please someone else, they lose sight of themselves and present themselves in a way that is false. This is often something that is done out of malice but rather comes from a desire to please another person. When this happens, there is often resentment.  And this resentment often comes out once the couple is married and it causes both parties to be passive aggressive with each other. So to avoid that, commit to being honest instead and to encourage the people that you are dating to be honest too.

And now for the third question---Simply put, not all women are the same. Not all men are the same either. Each one of us has our own sets of opinions and preferences. This is why you have gotten so many conflicting points-of-view. All you can do, Jem is just BE YOU! Do not try to please anyone other than yourself. Just let your light shine bright and be who makes YOU happy! When you do that, you will exude confidence and a confident man is always attractive to someone!

Bee Loving Bee Wise,


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