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QUESTION: I feel like nearly everything is wrong with my life, and some may even say I need to get most other things fixed in my life before even seeking a relationship. But I'm lonely. I think I have a right to a good relationship no matter the state of my life. It seems relationships should be simple enough that it require no prerequisites.

Basically I don't make a livable income without a roommate. I live with my parents and help to take care of my mother who is disabled. I am 35 and very insecure about my appearance. Particularly my hair loss. And I'm not sure where my life is going. I work 6 to 7 days a week as well.

With all this stuff that I would say are negative in my life most of which I seem to have no control over I still really want a beautiful woman. I know that is shallow but I have literally always settled. Either they were grossly overweight, psychologically unstable, or just dumb. Nobody that seems a good balance of personal characteristics. How do I get a good one? I don't care if she doesn't have a job or car. Just good looking, smart, and not insane.

Hi James,

Don't let the hair loss get you down! That is very common.  Many men who are losing their hair have great relationships with beautiful women.

It is very admirable that you take care of your mom too.  

About not having a livable income without a roommate...are there steps that you can take to find a different kind of job or career?  Is there something you have been wanting to do but that you have been afraid to do?  I bring this up, not so much about the money, but more for you to get in touch with your own creativity.  This will help your self-esteem, you will feel better, and you will awaken more to how you can have more of what you desire.

You said you were insecure about your appearance...Are you taking care of yourself?  Do you exercise and eat nutritious foods? Do you practice good hygiene?  Taking care of your body is a form of self-love.  This love will assist you in being more attractive and feeling so much better about yourself. This will help you connect with women who you would like to date.

Hope this helps!  

Keep me updated.



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QUESTION: I donít have a regular diet but I do prefer to eat well. There aren't many good options so I try to go to the grocery store and take stuff from the organic produce bar to supliment my diet. I used to exercise more but quit the gym because I rarely went and it is too cold out now to take any unneed trips. I am trying to start a home routine. My hygiene is good as far as I know. Rarely get cavities anymore and try to shower every other day.

No I donít have another job in mind, and I don't think there are too many better jobs around here. Most of my friends are in the same income bracket and they don't seem to have issue with women. They are however better looking.


Hi James,

From your emails to me, it feels like working on your self-esteem will really support you in creating a relationship that you enjoy.

Instead of feeling like your friends are more good-looking than you are, I urge you to start a practice of self-care.  Allow this practice to include exercise and eating nutritious foods. I also urge you to begin to strengthen your inner world.  Some people do this through prayer and/or meditation.  You get to find what works for you.  

A book that supports my clients and I is "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay.  In that book, she teaches about self-love and the power of affirmations.

Working on your self in this loving way will assist you in transforming your love life.

Hope this helps!



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