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Hi I am daron please I need your help, I met a girl on Facebook some weeks ago, the girl is amazing and i just can't get my mind of her, recently we have been chatting more often thou its always brief, the problem is I've never been in a long distance relationship and I have no idea on how to get this woman of my dream so my question how do I get to make this wonderful creature mine? please I need your help

Hello Daron!

Long distance??? Daron, FORGET IT!!

Wow, where should I start with you? First of all, long distance relationships (LDR's) NEVER, EVER work out! What's worse is that they do so much damage to the people involved that it takes months and sometimes even years to get over!

I'm not going to go into all the science behind this (and frankly, you're not likely to believe me anyway) but this is a very dangerous path you want to take.

At least consider this: here you are in one of the most populous states in the nation and all you can do is find some girl who is so far away as to make it impossible to have any sort of real relationship! Do you know that if you just stepped outside your door you could find a girl who is even better that this one and is right there to have a that real relationship?

This "wonderful creature" is entirely a figment of your imagination! Because of the distance you've built her up into something she absolutely is not. Again, you're not likely to believe me, but it's 100% true.

Please Daron, don't do this to yourself or this "wonderful creature". You're going to wind up losing and being personally harmed in the process.


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