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Audi Repair/audi keyless remote stopped working


marius L wrote at 2015-01-14 19:07:58
You can try and reset reciever in the car and install the remote keys from the start.

You have to take one key in the ignition and turn the key 2 clicks as far you can without starting the car. Then you have to lock the car from the outside with the other key. When this is done you have to press on one of the buttons on the key 6 times within 5-6 seconds. This will reset all the keys that are stored in the receiver wait a minute before the next step. Then press the unlock button between 1-4 times, this will just deside what number the key will be in the program. 1-4 because you can save up to 4 keys. After this wait 10 sec and push the unlock button one time. Then the key should work. repeat this with the other key. Remember what the position the different keys have, so you dont mix up while programming the differents keys.

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