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Audi Repair/Audi Tiptronic gearbox errors


eekent wrote at 2008-11-21 20:40:17
That could be. I have an A4 quattro 2002, had the engine and under engine shampooed. Car went clunk, all indicators PRND are on and car is in failsafe mode. I have 3 codes: input sensor, temperature sensor, shift sol #3. There was water in the TCM connector - still not resolved

Dr.Dave13 A.S.E. Master Tech wrote at 2014-06-12 03:30:58
The 2000-2005 a4 5 sp tiptronic has a defect in the tiptronic printed circuit. the tsb # is available via alldata. please be precise with your investigation before replacing, the symptoms of this condition are similar to many diagnosis. It is best left to a master tech, not your average grease monkey.  

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