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NC wrote at 2008-08-11 22:29:57
My A6 (2002) just have this exact problem and the car completely died.  I drove the car from DC to Toronto 2 weeks ago and my mom must have removed over 10 gallons of water from the rear passenger seat.  When I got home, I got all kinds of warning light and it went completely dead.  The Audi dealer service guy told me this is a common Audi problem and said to call my insurance company.  I doubt if they will cover this bcs it was not caused by an actual flood or rain, nor was the car in any standing water.  It was a COWL drain that was plugged.

Since this car is now over 128K miles, and I have no recourse in getting help in regards to the warranty and my insurance is not 100% full coverage, I think I will sue Audi.  I am in shock that the dealer told me Audi vehicles such as mine has this common problem esp. for the price I paid for such a car.

Harry wrote at 2008-09-09 21:59:55
I have exactly the same problem a few days ago. Windows were completely shut. It rained heavily a few days ago and the behind the passenger seat was a 4 inch flood of water. I have absolutely no idea how the water got ther. I have a 2003 Audi A6 Quattro

Heather wrote at 2009-04-05 11:40:56
There is an air vent under the seat. I thin that is where the water is coming from I am having that problem right now....

jpineros wrote at 2010-01-20 18:11:03
I have an Audi A6 C6 with the same problem.  I got a puddel of water in the bach seat floor. This is commonly cause by clogged draiing pipies runing from the sunroof. This is clearly a design defect by Audi and they shoul pay for it.  I filed a complaint with audi calling to 1-800-822-2834 and laso file a complaint with the consumer affairs at This is the only way Audi is going to do something about it.

MkeMechanic wrote at 2011-05-22 23:25:00
Underneath the battery there is a plate, if you remove the plate, under the plate there is a drain plug. that often gets plugged. clear out the drain plug of any debris and if there is a plug there remove it and do not replace it. it is a faulty part. Make sure there is no other debris around by rinsing out the whole area with water. It is important that you do this IMMEDIATELY because if your passenger floor board is flooded then it means that your Transmission Control Module (basically the computer that controls your transmission) which is under the passenger side floorboard) is getting wet (underwater). If you feel so inclined, pull up the carpet and molding on the passenger's side and get the TCM out of the water, and place it on top of the passenger's side floorboard so that it is no longer in the water. It still might be ruined and cause problems later. If it is already causing you problems, I have heard that people file it as a comprehensive insurance claim. Some have been lucky enough to have Audi pay for it. Others have sued Audi. It's a common problem. Just do searches for Audi, TCM, Flooding, Limp Mode, stuff like that. I am a diesel mechanic but right now I'm speaking as an Audi owner.

madmuralist wrote at 2012-06-13 14:57:50
The same thing happened to my A6. The reason it is smoking (it is actually steam) is that the well under the windshield (where the battery is) will fill with water if the drain is clogged, this is also where the air filter is. If the well becomes too full of water, the water will then be sucked into the engine through the air filter (and flood the inside of the car too). Cleaning out the drain plugs and putting in a new or dry air filter will solve the problem.

PokaNYC wrote at 2014-08-13 18:35:12
Been having this problem for about the past six months.  At one point, I had four inches of water in my front and rear footwells.  As a result, my 2002 A6 has eaten more batteries than you can shake a stick at--including two Die Hards.  I just went in under the hood, removed the battery, removed the plate that holds the battery and voila...leaves, debris galore.  Got the vacuum and sucked out the debris.  My main concern is the air duct located below the front passenger seat and the modules under the carpet.  I contacted Audi USA and gave them a tongue lashing about this piss poor design.  It's clearly a defect.  What..did they think that customers would live only in tree-free zones??  Who puts a battery that far back under the hood anyways?  And why have the backflow leading into the front footwell?  DEFECT!  I'm heading to the Audi dealer nearby this weekend to get that checked out.

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