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hi Wayne,

i wrote to you a while back about connecting a Harman Kardon avr 2600 to an acer projector with vga connection. i couldn't find a wireless suitable, so i decided to use wire. i just made my own vga to component using cat5e cable and dada....worked beautifully...until i tried to play a movie (or anything) through my PS3. the screen changed to say HDMI copy protected! i was shocked that such a thing is possible! so, i'm sure you are aware of this problem. do you know if there is any way around it?

just when i thought i had my problem solved.....


The HDMI signal has an embedded anti-piracy signal called HDCP (

I am fully aware of it, and no - I don't know of any legal way around it. Some companies claim to have HDCP strippers that you plug into, but I can't say one way or the other if they actually work.

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