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for my truck.I made my own RCA's with silver wire wrapped around tubing with a cotton sleeve over it.
I was told that wrapping copper tape around it,an grounding the tape.will reduce noise interference.
Is this true?

I can't visualize exactly how you did the wrapping and what openings you may have left for rfi to induce interference.  I also don't know what advantage there is to use silver wire.

Actually, in automotive vehicles the source of noise is so complex and comes from so many different sources that it is not a simple matter to just shield the interconnecting wires.  One of the most often causes of noise comes from the ignition system and is electromagnetically induced into the electronics independent of the connecting wires.

In any event, if you are having noise problems it must be investigated in order to find out the cause and the cure.   There are many good web pages that you can find with a few google searches that will help you identify the type of noise problem you are facing and the various processes that will help you to mitigate them.   For example, if the noise changes with the speed or rpm of the engine then you can be assured it is related to the ignition system of the vehicle.  If the noise is constant and not a function of engine or other performance it may be a head unit problem and so on...

Hope this will help you find the right solution for your circumstances.  

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