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I have been looking into getting a record player that I could use to begin to enjoy listening to them without any major damage occurring. I would like to know if this is all I would need to get me started. If not what do you recommend. I'm trying to stay around $200 until I know how much I will use the setup.  The Amplifier.   The Speakers  The Actual system.

Also a spool of 16 gauge audio wire.

What else would I need to start with?

Thank you for all your help in advance,


Hi Tyler,

When you say "damage", I'm assuming you mean your wallet?

What you've linked to seems to all be just fine from a "get up and running" standpoint. I'm not familiar with the amplifier brand, and it's pretty cheap, so that's the only thing I'd be marginally concerned about. Also - I didn't see a ground connection on the amp for the turntable (sometimes, a separate ground wire is connected between the turntable and amp to eliminate ground loop hum).

You might want to consider looking around on Craigslist or eBay for receivers with PHONO inputs. There's plenty of great used stuff out there, you can still be well under the $200 total with a little shopping around. I did a Google search for "Receivers Phono Input" and get a decent selection under the "Shopping" tab. If you sort by price, you'll find the deals there.

With that said - I'll reiterate that what you've selected seems to be the bare minimum to get you going.  

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