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I have a 2005 Mazda 6 with the 6 CD-changer and Bose speaker system. Currently, I have a replacement, refurbished CD unit from United Radio. My dealership exchanged my old unit and re-installed this one. I want to keep the stock(factory)CD changer and choose not to put in an aftermarket at this time. Right now CD playback is fine but my concern is that the changer re-shuffles and reinitializes the disk trays everytime I start up the car in the morning. It will remember the last track and resume play but it takes longer than the previous changers I had in the car. This only happens when the car is off for several hours. If I restart the car within a short time between, the CD playback is resumed much faster and there is no reshuffling of the tray.
Is this a common function or is it a possible defect with this refurbished unit? I was told it was installed properly and my car battery is fairly new. Is there a power-mode setting or a jumper on the wire connections that may cause this? Please advise me on any other troubleshooting as well.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi Sean,

Based on my knowledge in electronic, I don't think it is related to any wire connection/jumper or any related to power(voltage/current) from your car. I can roughly give you a few hint on the problem based on electronic background,(As stated in my profile, I'm mainly into Stage live audio system, but no worries i'll try to rectify other related questions which I can help).

1) CD-Changer - the unit might be programmed if it has been left idle a short while it will start back easily resume back from the time you stop it
else it maybe programmed if the CD changer have been idle for 'something', the microprocessor will rescan the place u resume due to mechanism changes due to vibration or shock. It might be a sophisticated design from Bose.  

2) Unit defect
Try going through the user manual of the CD changer, see if any FAQ section in it state whether there are such function which will be performed. Sometimes this kind of info will be written at the side of the manual or printed very small =\ If its not stated in the manual, then it can be consider some fault in the CD changer. (:

Update me (: Thanks


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