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Audio Systems/Can I directly connect/control satellite radio from my OEM JVC Toyota Camry stereo?


I'm looking to hook up my SiriusXM Starmate 8 satellite receiver to my OEM 2005 Toyota Camry JVC stereo. I don't have navigation but my stereo does have an input button that says SAT...I'm assuming that this means I can directly connect to the stereo? My end goal is to be able to control the satellite from my stereo face while being able to disconnect the satellite receiver and use it elsewhere.
What parts and pieces are required to make this happen, if it is possible to directly connect?

THANKS for your help!

Is this a toyota radio ? or a jvc radio, most likely you made a mistake because toyota have nothing todo with jvc and you mention a SAT button  most likely you have the original toyota radio,
the oem toyota radio can only control 2 satellite radios, the oem Toyota brain and the siriues scc1 , in your case you can listen to your portable satellite radio but the Starmate 8 is a portable satellite radio and not compatible to comunicate with the Toyota radio for controls or text, audio only is the best you can do  

this interface allow you to input digital audio from your satellite

Toyota audio adapter interface  

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