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  I am currently having a problem with an older universal Denon player model DVD 2900.   It seems to be a commong problem with these players concerning the laser pickup.   My problem is when the player is fully cold, when I first turn it on it will not read discs and show 00h:00m:00s on the display.   Once the player has warmed up a minute all is fine and I can play for hours with no problems.  I have dealt with it for a while but want to sell it so I really need to fix it first.   
I purchased a replacement laser pickup online and installed it yesterday. It wasn't very difficult and I just had to make sure to desolder 2 blobs(1 for CD, 1 for DVD) on the replacement piece to complete the circuit.  I guess the solder is put there to prevent magnetic damage?  Anyway, it is still giving me issues when the player is cold. Even if I eject and dont put any disc in, it still shows 00:00:00.  I would think it would say 'No Disc' or something like that.   Any ideas?   Im thinking i could try cleaning around the area inside.  Do you also think every bit of solder from the 2 blobs has to be removed off the pickup?    I thought I removed enough and figured if I didnt it would not work at all.   Thanks for your help

I am thinking it is not the optical pickup system that is the problem.  Rather, I would look for something in the decoder chip area.  It is the mastermind for reading the disc and interpreting the data stream.  It may be you have a cold solder joint of something that is causing the hesitation during warm up.  Could be temperature sensitive or even pressure sensitive. If you can go around and touch up the solder joints around the ics and then using a cotton q tip put pressure around the areas of the ic and wiring or ribbon cables.  That seems like a better place to look for the trouble.  I suspect that even with the optical pickup removed you would get the same start up indications  - which are disc reading locations - all zeroes.   

Hope this helps.


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