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i got an older Fisher 10 band equalizer (1985) about a year and a half ago and
hooked it up to my 500 watt Kenwood receiver and it's hooked up right believe me
i have tried every way of hooking it up and no matter what only the left side
of the EQ is where I can control the sound and the right side sliders don't make
any difference. why won't the right work like the left side? the right side won't
do anything to adjust the sound quality only the left side. Do i need a different kind of receiver/amp?
please help.
Thanks, Kevin K (frustrated) :(

Without the model numbers for the eq and receiver can't check out the hookups.

However, if you really are sure that you have hooked it up correctly then do this:  Just pull the outputs of the eq and reverse them.  If the left channel now comes out of the right channel of the receiver than chances are the eq is defective in one channel - and will need repair.

Hope this helps.  

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