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I have a Ford Taurus SE '99 with a 6 Disc changer box that's in the trunk of the car. I remember the day it jammed but I have no reason why. I was just flipping through CDs on the stereo and when I got to the 6th I went on to skip it to start over and it just read "NO DISC" ever since. I used to be able to skip through discs and back and forth between Radio and CDs but now when I try to play a disc the stereo reads "NO DISC." I tried ejecting the CDs from the box in the trunk but now all it does is just buzz very briefly for a few seconds and nothing happens. It also has a little tiny hole to fit a paperclip in the force eject but that doesn't do anything at all. I'm guessing the tape deck on the stereo is affected by the CD changer being jammed because now when I atleast try to use cassettes (such as normal or ipod/tape adapters) it just spits it out after making a weird clicky noise for about a few seconds as well. Is there anyway I can fix this? Would I have to get the CD changer all replaced or is there something I can do to reset it as a whole? I'd really like to be able to get the CDs and everything running like it used to because as I said, I remember when this happened and no trauma or anything of a sort had occured to it. It just randomly stopped working as I was flipping through CDs from the stereo. Thanks for any feedback in advance!

The CD changer have nothing to do with the tape player, the ford changers get stuck if all the disc are not the same size or a copy disc, this units work with the size and weight of the discs a difference in disc  will confuse the cd changer, most of the times you can open the Ford changer and remove the discs manually there is no other way and there is no reset button
open the changer and move all the discs inside the cartridge there is a manual plastic level under the CD cartridge this will eject it,
install the cd changer back in the vehicle empty and press the eject button couple of times after that insert the magazine with one disc if the changer don't work it will need to be replace

the tape player was made for tapes only not for any adapters with wires, that adapter is why your tape player got damage, the warranty on your radio was void if you insert 90 or 120 minutes tapes back when the vehicle was new the tape decks don't like tapes that are over 30 minutes per side

the other option is to unplug the Ford Taurus CD changer and replace it with an iPod interface that will allow you to control and listen to your iPod using the Ford radio buttons  

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