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I own a 2002 Honda city Type Z model and I am from India. My car's OEM fron door speakers are rattling...maybe due to water seepage and they are made of paper. They are Clarion brand, 5 inch and dual cone. They sound very good. Becuase of this rattling sound, I bought Polk Audio db 521 model for replacement but they are not fitting in the plastic bracket that came with OEM speakers. The Polk speakers have big magnet and also they are deep...meaning they are think.

My problem is that I am worried about the consequences if I fit in the speakers, since they are quite deep, what will happen if the magnet begins attracting the metal door panel ? Will it lose its magnetic property....if yes, then what can be done to shield it?

My present speakers are full range and are quite thin if you look from the side profile. Polk are almost double...Can you help me a solution for this please ??


you have to cut the ring from the factory speakers and mount the new speakers there,
also the only problem with the magnet is that it clears the window nothing else it is not going to attrack anything, to messure the magnet lower the window and see if you have space

good luck  

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