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QUESTION: Hi, if my mini system speakers are rated 10w normal and 20w maximum, is this an indication that the system delivers only 20w per channel . I would like to know because my old sharp system has such speaker ratings and is not indicated on the body. The impedance is 8ohm min and the model no. CD-C25X(bK). Please answer me because am trying to compare with other systems.

ANSWER: Hi Nelson,

Typically, speakers will be rated at up to 2x what the system output is to help protect the speakers from peaks and power spikes. I tried finding a manual for your system, but could not find one. I would assume your system is 15w per channel at the most.

I hope this helps you out a bit.

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QUESTION: Thank you Wayne for taking time to answer my question. Am back to seek for more clarification. You clearly stated that the speaker power is rated 2 times the out of the system which am finding difficult to comprehend. I have searched through the internet on how the speaker power and the amps power should relate and most answers are that the speakers are more likely to blow if underpowered than when overpowered. So if my system has at most 15w that means it underpowers the speakers. Furthermore is'nt that 15w rating too low for a mini component system? It's a 3cd rotary changer and i got a document on the internet which shows the wiring of all parts but i still did not understand. I know you are technically savvy and you may be able to tell me if you see it. I will attach the document if you need it.

No - you may be confusing watts and impedance (ohms).

If an amp is 8 ohms impedance, you want the speaker to be matched at 8 ohms or greater
If you put a 4 ohm speaker on an 8 ohm amp, you could damage both.

If an amp is rated at 10 watts per channel, any speaker rated at 10w or above will be fine AS LONG as it does not go below the amps impedance rating.

Whoever says a speaker rated for 100 watts at 8 ohms is going to be blown on a 45 watt amp at 8 ohms is 100% wrong. That makes zero sense, and where ever you read that should be avoided, as they have no clue as to what they're talking about. A wiring diagram makes no difference as, ultimately, every speaker driver will only have + and - terminals.

If you have the manual, it should say what the output of the system is.

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