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Hi there!

I am a recording a school theatre production and have been asked to record the audio straight from the soundboard instead of from the audience. I was wondering will I need something like a zoom H2N handy recorder to do it and how will i connect it.

Many thanks


Hi Daniel,

Based on yr Zoom H2N Recorder, there should have a input by using 1/8inch stereo jack. You may plug into the soundboard output such as (Aux out, Rec out, Stereo out and etc.). The output names might varies according to soundboard and some might have an extra button or knob to turn on the specific output which you plug a jack into it. Besides that some names might be in short form such as Aux1,ST1(stereo 1) and etc. If you have the soundboard name and model i can help you located the specific output from the board which you can use.

If you need more explanation feel free to let me know (: and keep me updated

Cheers and good luck (:


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