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before getting lost in the vast of terms ,can you define them ;

treble= is part of the high frequency range ?

sound stage= is how of a nice balance of all frequency's without black spots ? = quantity so to say ???

dynamic= is the quality of sound stage in power ?

fidelity = is the quality of sound stage not really quantity or quality but in depth and more into the high freq ??

bass = is how spacy and airy its perceived ?

I guess I may  have it all wrong ,can you  shed some light here ?

Treble: tones of the high frequency range, typically at 2kHz and up

Sound Stage: This is a bit trickier, as definitions will vary. From an audio engineering perspective, it's how the instruments are "sitting in the mix", or if everything sounds natural when listening back to a mix - where the instruments are panned or placed in the listening environment, the overall tonality matching between instruments, the balance between instruments, and how they fit together, etc. This term usually relates to subjective listening experiences, and very dependent on the playback system.

Dynamic: the word by itself has multiple meanings. From a sound perspective, it generally relates to "dynamic range" or the difference between volume levels from the quietest part of a song to the loudest. An example would be "Pink Floyd albums typically have a wider dynamic range than a Ramones album". Another way to describe "dynamic" would be to say something like "Freddie Mercury was a dynamic frontman"... meaning he had a lot of energy and conveyed a lot of emotion on stage.

Fidelity - has to do with the accuracy of reproduction a recording or playback system has. A CD of music would have better fidelity than a gramophone record - or a 5.1 surround sound home theater will have better fidelity than the "free radio" you'd get with a magazine subscription.

Bass - opposite of treble. It's also a description of lower frequency instruments (bass guitar, double bass, bass drum, bass vocals, etc...)  

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