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namaste, i am running professional public address rental company and i had purchased nx audio company made dj player model SDI - 4500 run through sd card in which it contain fader start feature i dont understand this feature so explain it in simple lanuage and also guide for using this function. my player company detail is as under.

SDI-4500 by NX Audio is a single 2U rack–mountable console featuring 2 oversized LCD display coupled with a revolutionary user interface. The new plug and play design allows users to easily search for music on Two SD Cards mass storage device . Songs are automatically directed to two built–in play control surfaces, ultimately simplifying the DJ performance experience. Each SD card can be freely assigned to any Players.The player is packaged with a one year warranty and complete after sales service assistance. At least but not Last , Playing the same song from the same Card to both players is also possible. All DJ’s Tools are available : Antischock, Pitch, Pitch Bend, Master Tempo, Seamless LOOP, Brake Effects,Automatic BPM Counter and TAP Tempo functions will give all security for Perfect Beat match. Easy navigation allows you to get in Folders very easily. Just Plug, Insert , and MIX !!!

•   Dual Deck SD card Player
•   ID3-TAG support
•   Can read same song from same card in both Player
•   Track- and Folder Search
•   Oversized LCD-Displays for all functions
•   Pitch range +/- 4/8/16% - Pitch bend +/- 12%
•   SUPER Flat Jog Wheel
•   Seamless LOOP & Reloop
•   Auto BPM & TAP Tempo
•   Frame search
•   Read FAT 16/32 Files -Accept 4Go SD Card
•   Anti-shock memory
•   Elapsed/remain time display - Sleep timer
•   Instant playback from cue point
•   Fader Start
•   19’’ Standard 2U size   Your whole nights music can fit on one SD card!

i am very gratefull for your rapid reply.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  How about a moving picture?  Here it is:

The above youtube explains how the fader start is used.  Simply put it aids the operator from having to control the player each time for a new start; the fader can start it.

I think this covers your question.

Good luck with your arsenal of equipment;  looks like a good lineup.  

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