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I have a vintage (1968) Epicure preamp Model-4 and amplifier Model-1 and I need a cable to connect these two units together. The connection on the amplifier input calls for a 1/4" phone jack. One for left and one for right channel. . The back of the preamp has one recepticale for each channel. Can you tell me what the connector cables are called? I did find a cable with a 1/4" phone jack on one end but the other end had two connectors(RCA) on it.

I did some searching around, and realized that I'll need more info about your gear before I can answer anything conclusively. This model of preamp / amp were popular for modifying, so most of the pictures I found were all slightly different from each other. Would it be possible to send me a picture of both back panels so I can see exactly what you're working with?

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