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I'm puzzled between two speakers and I was. Wondering what you think would be best overall for home use one is the bic America dv62si and the other is the dayton b652 speakers. Which do you think would be best for general music movies and whatever else's possible. Just so you know I'm a live sound guy as part time dj so I know that extremely well, so be as technical as you want, I just don't know home audio that well, but I have been doing pro for a while with crown amps and eaw speakers in the theatre.
Thank you very much

Hi Cam,

All I can really say is audition, audition, audition...

I don't have personal experience with those particular models because as you know - there are literally hundreds of brands/models out there. If possible, take a CD of some music you know inside-out, and do an A/B comparison. Every person perceives sound a bit differently, and what might sound great to me could sound "dull and lifeless" to you, so you really need to let your own ears be the judge for what's more pleasing to them.

Obviously, if you could audition them on your own system, that would be ideal, but doing an A/B test in a store with familiar music should be able to give you a good enough sense a to the one you prefer.

Going from spec sheets, see if you can find a frequency curve graphic/picture... the "flatter" the line across the widest frequency range is typically better. Flatter speakers will reveal more of what your system actually sounds like, as opposed to bass or treble heavy speakers.

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