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I recently bought android mini PC mk808 and would like to connect it to stereo receiver Yamaha R S500 and Yamaha speakers as audio and video player. According to this article:
android does support USB audio without drivers like DAC.
So, now I am thinking of buying DAC, something like this maybe:
Please, do I need DAC, would it improve the sound quality or should I stick just with USB virtual sound card and Yamaha system?
What do you recommend?
Thank you.
Kind regards

ANSWER: I am not familiar with the PC MK808 but it looks like a specialized product. From the picture is looks like it has only HDMI output connector.  In any event, to get analog audio which will feed into an audio playback device that does not have HDMI input you need a device such as the one here:

There are many others that you can find on google.

The device you mentioned will work if you have USB out on the android box but I didn't see it listed on the spec sheet that I pulled up.

Hope this helps.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

thank you for quick answer. The mk808 connects through hdmi to tv but it also has an usb and otg port that can be connected with usb hub to plug more usb devices. According to this video:
usb virtual sound card can be connected which I ordered for $2. I am only not sure if mentioned DAC will work then, and would I get better sound quality?
Mentioned DAC has decent receiver and processor but I am only not sure is it worth spending the money?
Thank you,

I doubt if you will be able to tell differences between dac or analog audio quality because the original audio is most likely a form of bit reduced audio such as MP3, MPG4 and such which is already reduced in quality no better than good analog audio.

That is my opinion.

Best wishes. Let me know the outcome after you have decided.  

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