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I am driving my brother in laws 2010 Lexus RX450h with navigation. The sound system was working fine, and still is, but it is doing something strange that I would like to fix before I have to give the car back...

I almost always use the USB connection to listen to my iPod. However, I have listened to the FM radio a bit. At one point after listening to FM and possibly assigning a station to a memory spot, the radio behaves differently. In the past I am pretty sure that it always started up playing whatever was playing when I left it. Now, if I listen and go someplace during the day, it still behaves this way. However, if I let it sit overnight, it always starts up with the sound system off. If I turn it on, it always starts in FM mode, not USB where I left it. The volume, however, does seem to be where I left it, which is usually too loud for FM.

I've searched the manual and all the settings and cannot figure out what I might have done to cause this behavior. I just want it to go back to doing whatever it was doing when the car was turned off. Can you help?


I am not familiar with this exact radio/audio system. However, I do know that it makes a difference on some automobile systems if you turn it off on the dash knob vs the steering wheel function.  Turning off at the knob may cause reset whereas turning off and on via the steering wheel control may not restore.

Hope this helps.  

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